Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend recap...

Paula is back in B'ham at this point. I think we fit all of her must-dos into the weekend. We shopped until I dropped on Saturday, went to her favorite restaurant, and caught a chick flick in the theater. I gave her earplugs and an eye mask and instructed her not to get out of bed until at least 9:00 a.m. She didn't have any trouble following my orders. =)

She didn't have a ton of luck finding cute clothes. You know how it is... you try on about 20 different things to find maybe one thing that looks good enough and excites you enough to buy it. Now I remember why I never have new clothes. =) Don't even talk to me about shoe or jeans shopping. That can make me break out into a cold sweat.

I, however, did have some luck... once I decided not to look at maternity shops for shirts. I ended up with several non-maternity long sleeved tops on clearance that will take me through the rest of the winter with no problem. The Target clearance rack was where I really hit the jackpot. I don't think I paid more than $4 a shirt there, and no more than $9 a shirt elsewhere. I'm relieved. I wasn't able to get as many loaner clothes this time around, so the pickings were pretty sparse in my closet, and I only get bigger every day.

And now I am going to rant... Why is it that maternity clothes are so expensive and there are so few places to buy them? Some of the places I bought clothes when I was pregnant with Seth no longer carry maternity, or their selection has gotten a lot smaller. So that leaves me with very little to try on, unless I want to pay $200 for a shirt at Mimi that I will wear for less than 9 months.

Which leads me to another rant. Why is it that the cheapest and easiest solutions are often discontinued? Today it feels like a conspiracy to me. =) I went to Babies R' Us looking for Diaper Doublers. Now, these disposable diaper inserts are so popular that whenever they do have them in stock, I buy two or three packs because I know they'll be sold out quickly. Today I learned that they don't carry them anymore. And apparently, I'm not the only one who will be crying about this. The sales guy mentioned that a man drove two hours to try and get them, only to be disappointed. My cashier said lots of people were asking about them. And yet they're gone? Hmmm, maybe its because they're generic, cheap, and keep you from buying the more expensive brands of diaper? Maybe, just maybe, there's no shelf space available for cheap, useful things like that anymore? Well, they can't take me down without a fight! I've got an alternative in mind already... =)

And on a lighter note... a fun website on the cheapest health foods out there, with recipes included. I think I'm going to try the Orange Hummus and the Applesauce Pumpkin Breakfast bread. Yumm.


SMS said...

speaking of diaper doublers.. you owe me for 2 packs little lady :)

Ellen said...

Put it on my tab, baby, put it on my tab. =) Totally forgot. Sorry.

Brandy said...

Could it be the new children's products laws going into effect in February that are causing the shortage? I know that lots of products are simply going to be discontinued because the manufacturers don't think it's worth the costs of certification. It seems like if they are that popular then the testing would be affordable, but perhaps not...Of course, this might not have anything to do with it, but I've seen so many things get taken off the market in the last two weeks that I can't help but wonder...

Don't get me started on maternity clothes... :(

Glad you had some success. :)

Ellen said...

Oh, Brandy, believe me, I thought of that. You should've seen the uncensored first draft of this post.

Worrying about this incredibly stupid legislation and my inability to do anything about it has kept me up at night. I'm planning on calling Ron Paul's office (since he's the only one to vote against it) and asking them if there's any momentum to change this and who I should contact.