Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnant productivity...

I got so much done today that I thought it might be fun to list for my own enjoyment.

- Went to Staples and measured printer/copiers. Discovered that the cabinet above our kitchen desk has plenty of room for one. Did a happy dance. Started making plans for drilling a hole in the bottom of said cabinet. (Have I mentioned that I've been mooching printing services, what little we've had, off of friends and relatives, since ours died and I didn't want to be bothered with buying a new one? I only had one frantic late night walk up and down our old street, asking random neighbors if I could print off boarding passes for the next day. =)

- Arranged kitchen desk and drawers with things that might actually be useful, like stamps and envelopes. Wow! We've never had a desk with drawers in all the time we've been married. What a concept...

- Lugged out an empty clear plastic container. Gathered things from random corners of the house. Succeeded in making a cute, functional craft box.

- Wrote and mailed a long, newsy letter to a long lost friend who likes snail mail. This is big!

- Researched the steam mop my parents have offered to get me for my birthday. If anyone has any ideas in this area, please pass them on. I'm dying to find a more effective way to keep this white linoleum clean.

And David is finally home! He's going to get to take his off Friday tomorrow, and I'm thrilled. And my sacrifice to have him gone seems very insignificant in light of the results of his leaving me. A child molester is now in jail. He will never hurt any more little girls, and maybe the ones he did hurt will be able to begin healing...

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