Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's 12:12 a.m., and I'm down here on the computer, in my bathrobe, munching on peanuts. Lately, I've been hungry at night, and, annoyingly, I have to get up and eat something or I can't fall asleep. =)

But I have plenty of energy to burn while I'm lying awake, trying to go to sleep. The past couple of days have signaled a transition. Instead of feeling mildly sluglike, all of a sudden I've got a burst of frantic energy. I can't stop my brain from thinking of all these little things I'd like to do. I lie awake, planning Mother's Day presents and Valentine's cards. I mull over new breakfast recipes I want to try. I think about shelving options for Seth's play room and how to arrange things in the baby's room.

I guess I must be in full on nesting mode. I don't remember it being quite like this last time, but maybe that's because there was less to do without a toddler and a house. But I really want to take advantage of it before I lose this energy and go into full on third trimester aching and apathy!

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