Saturday, January 03, 2009

Scientifically produced worst song ever...

David is working today, and as I was coming home from taking him his forgotten lunch, I turned on "This American Life." And I heard a cool story about a couple of artists who attempted to produce the most unlikeable song using scientific polling. They had a polling agency ask a bunch of questions about what people liked and didn't like in music.

They found out people hated a wide variety of things, from accordians to high pitched female voices to super long songs. Three of the most universally hated music forms were: children's choirs, opera, and rap. C'mon, children's choirs? People also hated music that was about holidays, politics, and cowboys. They also disliked music that was too slow or too fast; they wanted a moderate tempo.

Soooo... what did these guys do? They created a monstrosity of musical genius combining everything that most people hated. It is the most annoying piece of music I have ever heard. It's also very funny. Go here to listen for yourself. =)

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dmopie said...

Actually, sounds better than Bob Dylan to me. The opera I can do without, but not too bad otherwise.