Monday, October 03, 2016

Family camping...

Cub Scouts= camping, and we've gone camping with our local troop about twice a year since Seth was a Tiger cub. David started out taking just Seth, then Seth and Evan, and finally Ben was old enough that we could join them instead of having Mommy and toddler time at home. 

This fall was the first time we've camped on our own as a family since that one time when Seth was tiny, and we sat him on a blanket next to the fire pit because he wasn't yet mobile. :) I loved this trip. Loved it, I tell you. 

The boys prowled the woods around our campsite, hunting up kindling. That kept them busy until darkness fell on Friday evening. 

Saturday morning, we all headed out to hike to the falls. I am proud and happy to report that we all hiked, mostly uphill, for about 2 miles, and no one had to be carried. I'm liking this big kid thing a lot. We got back to the campsite pleasantly tired and appropriately hungry for lunch.

This campground has a creek running along the edges of it, so water play was the order of business after that. I was a little worried when the temperatures in the NC mountains were looking like they'd be close to 90 while we were on our trip, but camping and hiking near water make a HUGE difference. We were comfortable, and it wasn't too cool to splash, so I think we got the best of fall camping.

Our adopted college student, Josh, is all grown up now and living in Charlotte. He met us on Saturday night with his large black lab mix, Stetson. The boys excitedly chased him as he bounded through the woods, easily outpacing them whenever he felt like it. Josh brought his tent, a truck bed full of firewood, and bacon. You can see why we love him.

Seth read us "The Sign of the Beaver" to us around the campfire because he wanted to. I think this should be listed on the page under "How to know when you've arrived" in the "Overachieving Homeschool Mom's Handbook". :)

We had too many s'mores, didn't take showers, and nobody got poison ivy. I can't wait to go back again, but Cub Scout campouts will probably take precedence between now and winter. BUT I've caught the vision for family camping, and friends, it is very good.