Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stitch Fix, no. 3....

This was my third Stitch Fix, and I think they really hit it out of the park with this one. Nothing in this selection made me look chunky or hugged my mummy tummy, and that is really saying something. I've been out shopping for spring clothes, and it's been hard for me to find flattering fits.

I think it probably made a difference this time that I linked my previous blog posts to the note I gave to the stylist and begged her to please look at them. Then she could see what my body type really looked like, my coloring, etc. She told me that she did look at them in the note she included with the box, so I know the effort wasn't in vain. :) I am not tech savvy, but if you don't have a blog, you still might be able to figure out how to send a picture or pin pictures of yourself to your style pinboard. 

In this box, I asked for some casual summer dresses and tops. I was sent 2 tops and 3 dresses. 

Top No. 1- A little blousier looking from the side than from head on. I might've considered keeping it if it wasn't for the highly unfortunately placement of certain oval shaped pattern elements. Ahem. I looked at the styling card, and the fabric pattern on that did not have this problem. I think they need to take this particular blouse out of circulation.

Top. No. 2- When I pulled this out of the box, I thought it was definitely too loud. I wouldn't have picked this up in the store and tried it on, but it looked surprisingly good on. I'm thinking I may keep this one. Also, it's pretty season-less, so I could see wearing it in the fall as well. It wasn't see through, so I think I can get by without wearing a cami underneath, and that's always a plus in my book.

Dress No. 1- When I put this on, I smiled pretty widely. I love it. It's very comfortable. The color is actually a lot more wine than red. I think it's flattering up top, and I don't mind the bell shape to the skirt because it's a bell all the way around and doesn't highlight the pooch. At $38, it's about the same as I would pay for a dress at Target, and Target has nothing like this right now. I've looked.

Dress No. 2- Meh. A little more retro than I'm going for. I don't love the white detailing. The short sleeves weren't that flattering, and neither was the waistline. This is going back. It was my least favorite piece in the box. 

Dress No. 3- I've been looking in the stores for a maxi dress to love, and I've had no luck. I am so pleased with this dress. It touches the top of my feet, but I think I can also gather it up a little more and make it a bit higher. Since the ones in the store are apparently for women 5'8" or above, this was a winner from a length standpoint, and that's a big deal. Definitely keeping this. It was the most expensive item in the box at $78.

The more fixes I get, the more pleased I am with them. They suggested that that might be the case, and I'm finding it to be true! I ordered some items from Lands End, and that box came in the same day as Stitch Fix. I am so pleased with this box, though, that almost everything in that box is probably going back, and even with a sale from Lands End, it looks like these items will be cheaper overall.

If you want to try this for yourself, please consider using my referral link. I get a little off the next box if you do, and since I seem to be getting a box about once or twice a year, that definitely helps my clothing budget.

As you can see, I'm not a model, nor am I pencil thin. ;) I wear a size 8-10 in the typical brands from places like Target, Gap, and Old Navy. If this can work for me, it can work for a lot of women I know. Give it a try! You might be pleasantly surprised!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good things...

- A cool, rainy day to stay inside and snuggle on the couch with new books. 
- The kind employee at the Dollar Book Exchange who "hid" a nice Star Wars book in a big bin of kid's books and convinced Evan to "look again." :) 
- Evan asking all day if it was time for him to make a Star Wars Lego kit for Ben.
- "I'll wait here while you wake Ben up, Mommy," and he stayed on the bottom of the stairs, itching with anticipation of the big reveal.
- Ben's spontaneous and muffled "thank you" from around his passy after Evan unveiled his treasure.

- A 3-year-old wandering around in a scrounged toboggan and one glove.
- The new card system for deciding who gets to pick a Netflix show next. Their names written on an index card with a paper clip next to the current picker. So easy. So wonderful for avoiding fights.
- Purple lupine in my neighbor's yard. And my plans to see if I can get it to come up in a spot in mine.
- Remembering before getting late fees that the library books need to be renewed online today.

- A simple way to get back to the blog after being away for too long. And pictures finally uploaded to the computer to share.
- A successful camping trip with the boys. And the downed tree at our campsite that they bounced on, giggling like nuts. Playground equipment provided by God. 
- Chuck roast braising in the oven for dinner. And the pure joy that will inevitable appear on Seth's face when I announce mashed potatoes to go with it.