Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good things...

- A cool, rainy day to stay inside and snuggle on the couch with new books. 
- The kind employee at the Dollar Book Exchange who "hid" a nice Star Wars book in a big bin of kid's books and convinced Evan to "look again." :) 
- Evan asking all day if it was time for him to make a Star Wars Lego kit for Ben.
- "I'll wait here while you wake Ben up, Mommy," and he stayed on the bottom of the stairs, itching with anticipation of the big reveal.
- Ben's spontaneous and muffled "thank you" from around his passy after Evan unveiled his treasure.

- A 3-year-old wandering around in a scrounged toboggan and one glove.
- The new card system for deciding who gets to pick a Netflix show next. Their names written on an index card with a paper clip next to the current picker. So easy. So wonderful for avoiding fights.
- Purple lupine in my neighbor's yard. And my plans to see if I can get it to come up in a spot in mine.
- Remembering before getting late fees that the library books need to be renewed online today.

- A simple way to get back to the blog after being away for too long. And pictures finally uploaded to the computer to share.
- A successful camping trip with the boys. And the downed tree at our campsite that they bounced on, giggling like nuts. Playground equipment provided by God. 
- Chuck roast braising in the oven for dinner. And the pure joy that will inevitable appear on Seth's face when I announce mashed potatoes to go with it. 

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