Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Sweet Mr. Fred let us use his front yard for their very first lemonade stand. (We live at the back of the cul de sac, and I didn't think anyone would come all the way back to our house.) Evan wanted to spend his own money on supplies, and we typed up a list of expenses. He had to get a business loan from Seth of $1, and I rented him the table and chairs. He made $6.86 in profit! And we all got to enjoy standing around with neighbors that generously came out to buy and talk. Friends drove by on their way to run errands. The boys had a fabulous time, and I was reminded of some of things I love about the community where we live.

It's a testimony to how busy our spring and early summer have been that the plant hangers I so excitedly bought have been sitting in a corner collecting dust for a month. David put them up for me during a "date night" (yeah, he was thrilled), and now the shade loving plants Mom potted for me are enjoying their new home. There's something very soothing to me about puttering around and watering plants, usually with hair still damp from the neighborhood pool.

First photo booth. These goofballs. Ben hung around this booth at the local festival for 30 minutes after the other boys had moved on, trying on wigs and hats and glasses. He's our dress up king.

Dinner most evenings happens at these tables. We've even figured out how to use the grills at the pool. I know why people in Florida always seem so relaxed. Two words: summer laundry. No socks and long sleeves and coats and gloves and pants. Combine that with picnicking all the time and not having a kitchen to clean up? Man, that's living. :)