Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet preparation...

About a week ago, David was working from home on a Sunday afternoon. So I asked him if I could go to the local Babies R' Us while Seth napped. He was game, so I set out with one main purpose in mind: Buy something especially for this little boy I'm carrying.

When we found out we were pregnant with Seth, I was so shocked that he was a boy that it took my mind several hours to wrap around it. Keep in mind that my mother thought God had told her that I was having a girl. Everyone thought it was a girl... don't ask me why. We left the ultrasound and went straight to Target. And I bought my first baby item for my new son. It was a tiny blue striped sleep and play outfit. I can see it very clearly in my head right now. I took it home and laid it in the bassinet, and I looked and looked at it. It may sound strange, but having it there made me able to imagine having a baby boy for the first time. He became more concrete in my mind and my heart.

I wanted to do the same thing for this little guy. Besides, even though he's a second son, I never want him to feel like all he gets are his brother's hand me downs. He isn't a hand me down in my heart, so I wanted to get him an outfit to help me visualize his coming, too.

So I got there, and I went through all the racks of little boy clothes. And my heart wasn't in it. I came home feeling down, having bought him nothing at all. I immediately started overanalyzing. (I know y'all are shocked. =) Was I so bored with boy clothes that I couldn't even muster up the excitement to buy one little thing? Why didn't my heart thrill at the sight of tiny outfits? What was wrong with me?!!! =)

Well, now I know the problem wasn't me... it was the clothes and the prices. The thought of laying down $10 for an outfit that I didn't find that appealing totally killed my buzz. But putting down $2-$4 for an outfit from the local chi chi children's boutique or Gymboree... now that's exciting! Just look at what I scored at Kids Exchange! This is just the sweetest little thing, isn't it?

When you get up to Seth's size at consignment sales, the pickin's are slim. Boys have worn everything out by then. But there is plenty to choose from in the newborn sizes, some of it hardly worn. I came away with a ton of adorable short rompers and onesies with cotton pants. Since I don't know what it'll be like to have a baby in the summer, I thought I'd better get a combination of those two things. I oohed and ahhed and cooed over the racks. And felt better... =)

I almost laid out all the clothes on my bed last night so I could look at them one more time before I went to bed. I got a lot of things at Kids Exchange, like I've always done, but these things are for my new angel, and so they are what I'm most excited about.

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Herb of Grace said...

I did this same thing with both of my babies :)