Friday, January 09, 2009


Things have gotten a bit crazier here now that the holidays are over. David is now working a lot in preparation for some job stuff that will be taking him out of town a good bit in January and February. It hasn't been as bad as I was anticipating, though.

I've had a few conversations in the last couple of days in which people in my life have expressed a lot of frustration and/or unhappiness. Everybody might've been a smidge happier if I could've given them a bit more of myself, even though I wasn't the problem they were discussing. And I was tired of feeling like I couldn't please anyone.

I told David this, and he said the greatest thing: "Well, you've made me very happy lately. You've been great about me working late, and I really appreciate x, y, and z that you've done." Now, guys, that is one of the best things you could ever say to your wife! I highly recommend it. And it reminded me that I've been pleasing the ones that I'm called to minister to first. If my husband and son are taken care of, I guess I'm doing ok.

I have been thinking about things I would like to do differently in 2009:

1. Spend less time on the ever addictive computer.
2. Have a set time for singing and dancing with Seth. Get some kids movement cds.
3. Make a craft supplies box, and actually use it to make things with him.
4. Take more pictures again.
5. Actually take steps toward getting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans once this pregnancy is over.
6. Be more consistent with quiet time and prayer.
7. Ask God more what He wants me to do instead of charging ahead, even on the things that seem small.
8. Become better at picking up the phone. I'm not good at doing that. At all.
9. Cultivate contentment and thanksgiving in my heart.
10. Read more high quality books.
11. Be less stingy with time and money. Make bigger meals that will feed more, and be more willing to invite people over for dinner instead of hoarding the leftovers for freezer meals. =)
12. Be less content with spiritual apathy in my life. Desire to see growth in my relationship with Christ every year that I live, instead of coasting along.

There are tons of others that I could mention, and these are obviously not ranked in order of importance. It's good to think about what you want to change...

Now off to make a cake for dinner with friends and pack to go to Nana and Papa's for a long weekend. Cheerio!

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