Thursday, October 30, 2008

The cavalry has arrived...

Ok, we can breathe now. We have reinforcements. My parents showed up last night, and Vance and Terri and kiddies flew in from MN. They'll be arriving here in about 10 minutes. Mom and Dad came last night with a trailer load of furniture I haven't seen in awhile. I'm looking forward to being able to use it in our new place.

The paint is coming well. I'm very glad that we didn't attempt to do this ourselves. We've had two-three professional painters working full time on our house since last Wednesday afternoon. And they're still not done. I'm just hoping they finish before midnight on Friday. =)

The cavalry brought food. A gigantic cooler load of food to be exact. My mom doesn't believe in McDonalds, so we'll be eatin' better around here for this move than we already do. Seth was inspired to learn the word "soup" after eating a bowl of her amazing beef and vegetable last night. She also made homemade whole wheat bread. Three loaves. One of which rose in the car on the way here, and she baked in my kitchen so it smelled like fresh bread when we walked in the door. Mmmmm.

Side note: In case I haven't mentioned it before, my mother is an amazing cook. But she cheats. See, I can make the exact same recipes she does, but they never turn out the same because I'm buying my ingredients from the store. She gets hers straight from her acre of garden. Every summer, my parents can fresh tomatos, can fresh green beans, and freeze sweet corn, so whatever I ate last night had nothing but fresh produce in it. You can't duplicate that unless you've got the original ingredients. Grrrrrrrr...

And now I need to finish my cereal, get my baby up, and start doing some productive. Please pray for us. David has a "moving cold". His dad used to always get them whenever they moved in the military. It's kind of a family joke. Well, I don't think its funny at the moment. It's cold out there, and he's running like a leaking faucet. Poor guy.

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