Monday, October 20, 2008

Political roundup...

I'm a little crazy busy right now throwing out a bunch of my clothes that I'll never have a prayer of wearing again to make room for the maternity clothes that I already seem to need to cover up that "has she been eating too many donuts?" look that I seem to have about, oh, 12 weeks early this time around... =)

But, I have not forgotten you, gentle readers. And so I present this roundup of stuff I have come across lately. An excellent blog post from Sallie, a little somethin' somethin' from Ruthie, and a thoughtful post provided by Luke. Thanks, guys, for providing so much food for thought this political season...

On another note, I listen to NPR. (Ducking and covering). Hey, you gotta know how the other side thinks. And I was listening to the BBC World Service. Their commentators were practically gleeful about the recent mortgage problems. One of them said, and this is almost a direct quote. "We're sure to see more regulation now that looks like what the Americans got after the Enron Scandal. (Insert name of act here) scared off some foreign investors, and that was Britain's gain, because they came here." I think one can find a direct application to Sallie's post from this.

I do not think that Obama is sure to win. I just don't. Those of you who live in blue states have probably given up all hope, but I haven't just yet. Obama is outspending McCain 9-1 because McCain stuck to his promise to take public funding, and Obama decided he didn't need to keep his word on that little ol' promise after all. Despite that, they are tight in the polls. Why is that? I think people are still thinking about this one, and some are really asking themselves, "Who is this guy, and where did he come from?" But regardless of who we get, we're bound to get some socialist policy for the next four years, which is equally certain to hamstring our already struggling economy. Because there isn't anybody in charge up there that has any more sense than my stupid barking neighbors that I will be thrilled to leave behind in two short weeks. =)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these links. I usually don't take the time to follow links, but I did today. I found these to be a breath of fresh air.

A few days ago, I took a chance at posting my own perspective of the election; grant you, I kinda posted on the fly, and didn't take the time that I now realize I should've to explain my points of view. No sooner than my post went up, then a very dear friend nearly blasted me for my thoughts and words. A few exchanges went through in the comments section, and ultimately, I decided to take my post and all 7 comments down completely. I was a little hurt that she wouldn't just let my words stand, and quickly realized that I am not one to go head-to-head with anyone on issues, whether political or spiritual!She's clearly pro-Obama, convinced that he's a true believer and will do what's right for our country, and I firmly disagree. I don't like it when (crooked?) politicians come between the cords of friendship. But I also don't like it when spirit-filled Christians seem to succomb to his tactics. It saddens me.

I'm glad to hear that you haven't given up on McCain just yet; at this point, I'm not quite sure what to think...except that if Obama does get into office, life could be scary. However, someone said it best, perhaps: "Regardless of whose in office, I will refuse to let them ruin my life". Fortunately, God is bigger than this election, right? If he can move mountains, then hopefully He'll choose to move this election in a direction that glorifies him.

(Whoops, this got long.) :-)