Thursday, October 23, 2008

Makin' lemonade...

Thanks for your support, guys, especially Meredith. I am feeling better today. I went over to the house this morning to let in one of our deacons, Steve, who was helping us with a couple of projects. It's a pretty, sunny day, which always helps my mood, and there were about 6 fat robins trying to drown out the traffic noise I find so objectionable. (That's my problem with the house.)

I think I've decided that cold weather makes noise travel better, and that's why it seems so much worse than when we bought the house in the summer. So Seth and I walked around the backyard, and I tuned my ears to focus on the wind in the trees and the birds singing. It helped. It also helped that Steve has to put up with it, too, and he lives in a slightly more expensive neighborhood right down the road. Maybe its nice to know that you're not alone.

But I thought I'd tell a little story today about a car wreck and what came from it. On Monday, on his way home from work, David got into an accident. A lady in the lane next to him decided that she would like to be in his lane, so she hit him hard on the passenger side. She admitted total fault, and he is fine. But... we have thousands of dollars in damage to David's car, and the body shop won't get it back to us for a few weeks. Our insurance does cover a rental car.

Problem. Because of the High Point furniture market, Raleigh was all out of rental cars. When we got to Enterprise on Tuesday morning, that's what we were told. Well...there was one other option. There were two cargo vans sitting on the lot. David, in a hurry to get to work, said he'd take it. A couple of hours later, he called me.

"This thing is HUGE! We could load it full of boxes. I even think we could get the crown moulding in here."

Last night saw my suit-wearing, lawyer husband loading 12 ft. crown moulding into the back of a cargo van. It was very funny. He was a total imposter around the other cargo vans and their owners, who actually do use their hands for something other than pushing papers. But... the crown moulding fit perfectly! We're hoping we get to keep the van for awhile longer. =) How's that for making lemonade out of some lemons?

I told him that tonight we're going to start ripping stereos out of cars, and we have to kidnap at least one person. You gotta get your money's worth...

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