Friday, October 24, 2008

State Fair...

Yeah, I know. Today we were supposed to be packing all day, but since it was David's official off Friday, and since we can't get much done with Seth in the morning, and since the State Fair is in town, well... we went. =) We found free parking!, and Seth got to pet the living, breathing animals he's been talking about and making noises of for weeks now. He got to pet a real, live baby duck! And a really nice farmer let him pet a cow for as long as he wanted. He grinned, and he kept mooing. It was very, very cute. Considering how into animals he is right now, this was the best opportunity I could think of for letting him see and touch the real deal.

And then things degenerated. We walked through the midway. All we could smell was the sweet scent of fried oil. We were getting hungry. And then we saw it. The booth where they deep fry everything. I succumbed to temptation first. There is, indeed, nothing like a deep fried Milky Way. The candy bar itself melts, and it's on a stick, covered with cake batter. And since I was having a deep fried something, David couldn't stand it. He ordered a bloomin' onion.

The picture above is of a family who has allowed its child to fall into sin with them. =) And that picture makes me laugh. A lot. Check out the wide open little piehole on the munchkin.

Imagine that he keeps saying, "Duck! Duck! Duck! Duck!" over and over again. Then you get the flavor of this experience.


Ruthie said...

The picture of Seth eating the fried onion is hilarious!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

now Seth is at the stage Isaac was last year.... "Nana! Papa! Dog! Albert Dog! Tractor Tractor Big Tractor!" :) so cute


Becca said...

Hey Ellen,
I just wanted to say thanks for your caring post on my blog. Pic is officially deleted!

Rachel said...

I knew you'd make it there this fall, even when life is going crazy fast for you! When I heard it was time for the fair, I thought of you! I wish we could have made it there, but then we're pretty busy too! Looks like you had fun!!