Monday, October 13, 2008

A beating heart...

I couldn't find a picture that didn't make Itty Bitty look like an alien, except for this one. This is a baby's hands at 7 weeks. Aren't they adorable?

We went for our first ultrasound this morning. Morning sickness has been kicking my tush a little harder than I would like, so I didn't enjoy the appointment as much as I did with Seth because of the nausea. But... I saw everything I needed to see.

There is, indeed, only one baby. (Heaving significant sigh of relief now.) And this teensy weensy wittle ting has a nice, beating heart! The very efficient doctor at the practice did our ultrasound, so it lasted all of 30 seconds, but there isn't a lot to see on these particular ultrasound machines at this age anyway.

I'm hoping that this will help me feel like this is more real and lasting. I remember how I felt after my second ultrasound with Seth. It was at about 7 weeks, and this time, they'd given me a little pamphlet that they must've forgotten to give me the first time around.

I remember sitting in the parking lot at a store in B'ham, waiting for Mom to buy some spices (she was down packing us for DC and went with me), and reading it. The thing that made all the difference in the world to me was when I read that after you see a heartbeat, there is a less than 10% chance that the baby won't make it. And that statistic was comforting.

As I suspected, I probably did ovulate a little late after the trigger shot this time. Looks like my due date is June 1. Baby measured at 6 weeks and 5 days today. I'm wondering if we'll have a Memorial Day baby... Great time to have a birthday, if you ask me. You'd always get a 3 day weekend to celebrate. =)

David has been amazingly sweet and understanding this weekend. We have finished going through the shed. (Break into Hallelujah Chorus...) It went like this... David unpacked a box, I sat on the loveseat covered with a sheet trying to keep my tummy calm, he showed me stuff, and we debated keeping or trashing it and why. The shed is a lot emptier, and our local Goodwill now has a wonderful selection of graduate history books ranging from the Boxmaker's Rebellion to Reconstruction. If we see a bonfire toward the west very soon, I won't be surprised.

Thanks for all your prayers. Please keep them up for the next few weeks. I have to go through all our closets and sort and store a ton of Seth's old clothes. The reinspection is this Friday, and the painter will be coming to go through the house with us. I still have to pick some fixtures and a lot of paint colors. =( And I really want to feel up to all of it, so that's a little hard right now.

Enough randomness now. I am incredibly thankful this this little child that God has given us. We took a walk yesterday, and I teared up thinking about how gracious God has been, in everything lately. Being pregnant is an incredible gift....


Herb of Grace said...

Ellen, I am still following your journey, although not commenting often, and I just had to break lurker status again to express how thrilled I am for you. We went through two years of IF and two losses before our son was born and have decided not to try again, for many reasons. But it is so encouraging to hear of others continuing their families in the face of the challenges of IF. God bless you and your growing family.

Rachel said...

I am so jealous!! You got to hear the heartbeat before me!! I have to wait till the beginning of November to hear mine, seems like an eternity, but I will be so glad to hear it!!
Love you!!!

Perry and Amanda said...

Memorial day is a good time for a baby - though all birthdays donot fall on the holiday many due. To memorial day babies