Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Staying home...

Yesterday, as I left MOPs, a friend called to me, "See you tomorrow!" Pushing through the doors, my heart sank just a bit. I remembered that I am signed up for a free gym play time on Wednesday mornings. And its not that I don't usually like going to it. It's just... we're getting overscheduled.

I knew the sinking feeling meant that it was time to step back and pull us out for a breather. So this morning, we didn't go anywhere or plan anything. It was just me and Seth and a beautiful day.

And since I didn't have anywhere to be at 9:30 a.m., we could slow everything down to a nice amble. When I'm rushed, I don't always let Seth feed himself his morning oatmeal. This morning, I did, and his happy, messy face showed me what he'd been missing.

We went on the porch, and I identified everything to his delighted cries of "Dis! Dis!" for quite awhile. I sipped my morning cocoa, and he enjoyed getting to play on his slide in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt. There was no quick tugging on of clothes before we had to go, go, go.

We had a ticklefest, we stacked blocks, and we even put away toys together. It was just us. And I'm glad that today, I said "no" to one more thing and one more place to be. It's hard to find the right balance at this age, I think. I don't say "no more" often enough.

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