Monday, October 06, 2008

Preggers... happy... nauseous...

So I found out I'm pregnant on a Friday. It was early, I admit, 12 days after the trigger shot. I'd been thinking about testing before my scheduled blood test on Monday, and when David came home on Thursday and said he was thinking about taking a half day on Friday, I decided it must be a sign. He NEVER takes a half day of leave. I know I gave him a strange look when he mentioned it. He said, "Do you WANT me to come home early?" =)

I woke up Friday morning, thinking about wussing out. But I kept coming back to the fact that he'd be coming home early, and it would be the perfect day for a surprise. So I took the test. At first, it looked like all the others... a big, fact negative. I washed my face, and resigned myself, and then picked it up. Wait... was that another line? I'd never seen one of those before. I'd only had blood positive tests, so this was all new.

I started freaking out and called the doctor's office. They scheduled me for a blood test that morning, since I was worried that maybe the trigger shot had caused a false positive. It can happen, and I couldn't remember exactly how long it needed to be after that shot.

But, they took my blood, and the pregnancy was confirmed, and I went home to wrap up my test with paper and a bow. David couldn't believe it. I got the surprise I'd been dreaming about.

I walked around all that weekend, hugging my special secret to myself. We went to a wedding, and I would often touch my stomach when no one could see and think, "There's a baby in there!" It's a happy bubble of joy that's lifted me around from the moment I get up from the moment I go to bed. After all the struggle to get pregnant the first time around, this is unreal.

To put this in perspective, to get to Seth we had:

- 2 years of "trying" without meds... that would be 24 months of negatives...

- then 1 year with a clinic that included... 1 cycle of Clomid where I didn't even ovulate, 6 cycles of ovulation on Femara, 1 miscarriage, and 2 cycles of Follistism, culminating in Seth

- along the way in that year with the clinic, we had a test of my fallopian tubes, two tests of David's sperm, and a failed intrauterine insemination.

It was not quick. It was not painless, emotionally or physically. So it's still hard for me to believe I could get pregnant after one month with the clinic...

David went on a men's bike trip with the church this weekend, so I went to the cabin with Mom and Dad. They pampered me and Seth, and I really needed it, 'cause I have morning sickness worse than I did with him. I'm not puking, but mild nausea came and went all weekend. And I'm pretty tired. This is going to make this move very interesting... I'm just proud of myself for pushing through and getting stuff done, even feeling kinda rough. I guess I'm toughening up some.

I have my 7 week ultrasound with the clinic next Monday morning. It's easy for me to be a little worried about it. What's going to be there? Is everything going to be ok? I want to see a steady, little heartbeat on a single baby. =) At this point, the nurses are telling me that its likely to be a singleton. My HCG levels weren't high enough initially to point to twins, but, of course, they could be wrong. You never know.

Seth is down for the count. I think I'll join him for a short siesta before I start calling all the utility people to switch our services. Ahh, moving fun.

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Bethany said...

Yeah Ellen!!! I'm so happy for you! God is so kind and good. I can't wait to hear about the ultrasound and hear you rejoice when hearing a heartbeat!

You should stop by our adoption blog. We are sooo close to having our kiddos home. God has done such a work in my heart in trusting Him with my desire for kiddos!

Take care,