Monday, July 07, 2008

11:26 p.m. after more house hunting...

Yup, its late, but I can't sleep just yet. I've spent the past several minutes painting '80s wood trim white in my head in the house we looked at tonight. I figured it was time to get up and do something productive, like write about it. =)

So, we saw another house tonight. It came on the market today, and being the rabid type A house hunter that I am, we were on the doorstep, realtor in tow, by 6:35 p.m. tonight. =) It's in our price range, the layout is the best I've seen so far, and its in a good neighborhood. There's a screened in back porch, and the yard is pretty large and has grass. It even has a large kitchen with lots of counter space.

So, what's the problem, Ellen? Of course, I had to find one. It's a corner lot, and there isn't a lot of tree cover, especially on the side, and it... just... doesn't... feel... private... enough for me. Me who grew up on 20 beautiful acres. Me who wants to feel private and secluded. Spoiled little me.

I guess I'm struggling with trying to figure out what God's will is for us in the housing area. I want to want what God wants for us in a house. Trying to figure out what that is and separate it from what I want is tough for me. How do I figure out what God's housing goals are for our family? As I was standing on the back porch, watching the few cars pass by on my left, I had the thought, "What if God doesn't want me to hide from my neighbors? What if He wants me to be out where I can see them so they feel comfortable coming over and talking with me?" What are His goals for our future home life? How do I figure out the priorities?

I think we have the priorities for the layout of our house mainly figured out. It doesn't have to be large, as long as there is a separate space to homeschool. We would like to have good open living room space to entertain in, have Bible study in, etc. We would like to be able to fit 6 people around our dining room table comfortably. Yeah, all of these are preferences, but they're preferences that I think would serve people (family and friends) well. Maybe the private lot with lots of trees is more my thing. Sigh.

David wants me to have peace before we pursue a contract on something. I worry that I won't have peace because my selfish desires are too tangled up with whatever God's desires are for us. There are so few things that are actually "needs" in this life. I want to keep everything in perspective and not get greedy and restless, always looking for something better. Ok, I guess I have "picky" guilt in a world where many of the people I know may live in apartments or townhouses for the rest of their lives.

Anybody out there dealt with these issues in their own house hunting? How did you filter out the important and God honoring from the unimportant? What were you praying specifically that God would show you as you looked?


katie said...

In my three experiences with house purchasing... it all came down to that gut feeling almost instantly when I walked in the door... I knew it was home.
Not everyone will agree that this happens, but the two houses we were happiest in, we just knew instantly that it was for us.

Herb of Grace said...

I agree with katie. We had all kinds of criteria when house-hunting-- two bathrooms, three bedrooms, nice yard, etc. But when we walked into this house, I just *knew* it was the house for us. Despite the fact that it was an abused, broken down, worn-out place with only ONE bathroom and only TWO bedrooms. (Although it now has a really nice, fenced in yard-- there was no grass and lots of broken glass and trash at the start) And the Lord has really blessed us here. He engineered the whole thing and saved us from getting caught in a mortgage we really couldn't afford.

Brandy said...

I have to echo the other two comments. I mean, we definitely had criteria that we were looking at that was similar to yours: conducive to schooling, room for our gardening projects in the back, a price we can afford, set up in a way that allows us to be hospitable to the size of groups we meet with regularly. However, the house we ended up buying didn't meet all of our criteria exactly. The real reason we bought it was because we just knew. It felt a lot like getting married. My husband is a wonderful man, and met a lot of my mental criteria for what a godly husband should be, but in the end I just knew, and I prayed that if I was wrong God would stop me and He didn't. We prayed the same thing with the house we're buying, and He hasn't stopped us with that, either.

Momma B. said...

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. You just *know*. Don't try to make yourself ok with a house because you will be there LOTS! And corner lots are usually bigger, so maybe that could be a plus?

elsa said...

Hi Ellen!
Never commented before, but I am a regular reader - my husband and I bought our house a year ago. When we were looking we had specifics in mind of what we wanted/needed. We prayed that the Lord would lead us to the right house, and that He would give us incredible peace about it. And He did. We looked at a lot of houses, and no matter how I tried to make them "right" for us in my head, I never felt peace until we drove up to the house we ended up buying. And then He provided peace BIG time throughout the process of buying. I found I had to quiet all my thoughts and let them go and trust that He was well aware of my worries and needs. Of course, easier said than done - it was the continual process of returning to that place of rest with Him.
It worked for us. We were blessed with an amazing house, and once I felt that peace, it all seemed familiar, even the stuff that didn't quite match the criteria I had in my head for a house. Sorry for the long comment - just felt inclined to share. I'm excited for you!