Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thanks, my wonderful commenters...

Wow! And double wow! I really appreciate all the kind, soothing, helpful comments from my internet buds. It really helped a lot to hear that you just knew a house was right for you, even if it didn't match the checklist you'd had in your head. I need to hear stuff like that. I can get easily overwhelmed with lists.

I think its much easier to pick a temporary place to live on a short time frame than this is. There are just so many options. Our current rental we picked in a weekend after looking at 5 houses. We had to move soon, we had one weekend to look in, and this was the best one, so there ya go. Easy peasy. It was perfectly clear that this house was the one for us. Sometimes I think Americans have far too many options. There is such as thing as the tyranny of unlimited choice.

But I digress... I'm at my parent's again. Seth and I left yesterday morning after breakfast. David is gone all this week and part of the next at another trial in Wilmington. The thought of spending all week alone with a small child wasn't appealing, so when the going gets tough, the tough go to Nana and Papa's.

Seth thinks this place is better than Disneyworld. Mom has tons of cabinets he can open filled with exciting junk, like container lids and little toys and old raffle tickets. He has already spent HOURS moving these tickets from one container to another. =) Dad is taking us out to lunch today, AND I get to spend some time with an old friend this afternoon. Living in an hour and a half from my parents has so many perks. I'm glad its not much farther than that, though. The screaming usually starts at about 1 hour and 15 minutes into the trip. Must... not... give... in and use the DVD system that came with the used van. I'm not ready for him to know its there yet. =)

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