Saturday, July 26, 2008

More hunting...

We went out hunting again this morning with a new realtor. We fired our old one. I found myself asking, "What would Mr. X think, and would he even show me this house?" when I looked at listings, and that finally bugged me enough that I decided I wanted out. I'm glad we didn't look at much with him, or I guess I would feel more guilty.

So we called a lady who came highly recommended. I think she'll do much better for us. She's friendly, efficient, aggressive, and doesn't argue with me. I think she's probably the best we can do with a realtor. I think I've decided I just don't like realtors much, and I wish the whole house buying system didn't involve them at all. They take big chunks of commission, and people price their houses higher as a result of having to pay them their big chunks of comission.

This morning we looked at:

a. a smoker's house that had been ceramic tiled, living room, family room, everything but the bedrooms. The back yard looked into the parking lot of an apartment complex next door. I asked the lady if she would've priced this house at that level. She said, "I think I would've listed it at ____," naming a price almost exactly what they listed it at. I was not amused.

b. a choppily laid out house with a large back yard that backed up to a fire station and a major road.

c. a house we couldn't get into because of some key issues that had a long narrow back yard with no grass or trees, due to deceptive acreage quoting on the listing.

d. a house that had a lot going for it but had a weird living room layout.

I'm not encouraged. I'm even grumpier than I was before. I guess this process isn't going to be any fun for me, no matter who my realtor is. I want the house we lost more than ever. And I want to stop looking and hunker down in here more than I did before.

I need perspective. I need to go and look at pictures of people living in mud huts in Africa. And I guess I need to do a lot more praying for contentment. But it's a lot easier to have contentment when you're not looking at ugly, overpriced houses. I wanna quit doing that. Anybody think its possible for me to just have something fall in my lap through word of mouth if I wait long enough? =) I usually try not to spew all my negativity all over this blog, and this post may come down later, but I thought I'd let y'all know what's going on.

Now I'm going to get pie cherries at the grocery store and prep for our dinner guests...


Meredith said...

I had to come to grips with the fact that we WOULD have an ugly house. It was up to me whether I could find one that was UGLY & UNDERPRICED versus UGLY & OVERPRICED.

The money difference was so great in our last 3 homes, I almost didn't mind all the work we did to make them pretty.

Ellen said...

Yeah, I think I can handle ugly if I see potential. I can paint and put in new carpet and linoleum. Cosmetic changes are totally fine with me. What do you do about badly located and laid out, though? I would love tips so I can see the potential of a place better. Have you written about this somewhere, and I've missed it?

The Mom said...

I think one useful tip when looking for a house is *not* to think of it as a permanent -going-to-bring-up-my-grandchildren in this house sort of place; but more like "is it a better house than we have now?" and "is it a good financial investment?"

If the answer to both of these qs is no, don't think about it.

Other than that, like you say, people can be (and are) happy in some horrible homes.

A house doesn't make a home. But it is hard to make a home in the middle of a drug-dealing prostitute-ridden area, no matter how nice the house is.

All the best with your search,
Henrietta who is in her fourth house in 18 yrs of marriage.