Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Back to town...

We're leaving my parent's house after dinner tonight. Sigh. I'm ready to get back home and back to a routine. But... I'm really going to miss the two extra pairs of hands.

I can't say I haven't gotten rested up. Now its time to use the rejuvenation to go back to work with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. Right? Right. =)

And I'm plenty blessed, I know. David's been watering the plants and feeding the cat when he comes in late at night, and though the grass is supposedly as high as an elephant's eye, I can laugh at that. Maybe I'll take a crack at it during naptime one afternoon...

I have multiple friends living close around me. I can probably get one of them to come and sit in my house tonight for a little bit while I get the weekly shopping done across the street. We'll have milk for the cereal tomorrow morning. =)

And now the baby's waking upstairs in my brother's old room. At least he got a good morning nap... and a bath this morning. Oh, Mimi and Pop Pop, they both LOVE Evan's birthday bath toys!