Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Evan has started throwing Cheerios on the floor periodically. He likes to eat one, throw one, eat one, throw one. He started this at my parent’s house. They have a dog. We do not. I do not like this new habit.


I sat in the overflow room on Sunday because I was late to service. I noticed a slightly different crowd in there than you’d see in the main service. It was a slightly more diverse and less well dressed crowd… and I was glad to see it. But I wondered… do these people come late and sit in the overflow room because they don’t feel like a part of the church as a whole? I don’t know, but I wonder. I sure hope not. I think I decided long ago that I have a “ministry” to wear jeans so that others will feel comfortable doing so, and I couldn’t care less that most other ladies are wearing skirts or nice pants….


I am currently letting Evan eat off a plastic plate while he sits on the kitchen floor. He’s happy, and if they’re going to end up there anywhere… Anyone else tired of seeing the word Cheerios when they come to this blog?


My toenails look awful. The polish is always nicked. I have good intentions of doing something about it, but I don’t. I guess I just don’t care enough to work on it when I have a free moment. Reading or wasting time on the internet wins. =)


I started the Beth Moore Esther study this past Tuesday. I asked a lot of gals to do it with me, and I was starting to think that it’d just be me and one other girl. I wasn’t really worried about that… God knows what He’s doing. But at the last minute, two other girls joined in. I’m really curious to see what God is going to teach our little group over the next 9 weeks. I wonder how we’ll impact each other. So if you’re thinking of us on Tuesday nights, pray that our time in my living room in our PJ’s will be fruitful and God honoring.

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Shannon said...

Just a couple thoughts, because I resonate:
My life is also consumed by Cheerios. :)
My toenails also look awful...and fixing them also falls off the edge of my priority list.
And I loved the Esther study...hope it's a great time for y'all!