Wednesday, June 09, 2010

perception isn’t reality….


DSC_1797 This is from last year, but the scene’s pretty similar these days. =)


I’m realizing lately that its very easy to feel like the end of the day comes, and you haven’t done much of anything. BUT… I have a nagging feeling that it just isn’t true. I know I’ve done a lot, and in order to combat the feeling that I haven’t, or that the day hasn’t been a success, I’m going to try and list today’s good stuff here.

- Made homemade waffles from scratch, resisting the urge to grab the box of Bisquick sitting there.

- Did a craft with Seth involving cutting and coloring and identifying the biggest and smallest, counting, and lining up in order.

- Read him at least 15 books, some long, some short.

- Put out the bean box on the deck for him to play.

- Took off his clothes, put him in his bathing suit, he played, put them back on him again, etc.

- Fed him a picnic lunch outside.

- Got the baby’s new rocking horse down and showed him how to use it.

- Did a puzzle with Seth and helped him search out all the pieces.

- Took them both to the park and pushed them on the swings for an hour. Played peek a boo with Evan. Watched Seth dig in the sandbox and cheered him on.

Now, that’s some useful stuff isn’t it? I’m not a hopeless mom, right?

Ok, now here’s why it can tend to feel like nothing:

- I’m already stressed from being without David for over two weeks.

- Seth is, too, and he has whined all morning, acting pretty ungrateful for just about everything.

- He threw a library book in the kiddie pool again today. He threw the same book in there yesterday, but today he clearly knew it was wrong. Maybe mad at me for telling him to stop whining all morning? Who knows….

I think its easy to feel like nothing much of value has been accomplished because we try, but things don’t go so pleasantly anyway. But… it doesn’t mean we haven’t tried to honor God and our families. Just keep pluggin’ on, Ellen….


Megan said...

On the positive side, a person who your kids only see periodically came into your house and put them to bed last night and she didn't get lip from either of them, not even once! I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen in most houses!! I told Seth, "let's not do that" a couple of times and I could tell he was really contemplating doing it anyway, but then he didn't. What good boys!

Shannon said...

Thank you for this.
Just keep pluggin' on, Shannon... :)