Saturday, June 05, 2010

seth and the Groundhog…


Once there was a boy and his grandfather who loved to do things together. The boy was game for whatever his Papa had cooked up, especially if it involved boy stuff like tractors and dirt…

One day, the boy followed his grandpa out to the barn to see something extra special. Little did he know that he was about to get initiated into the more hillbilly side of his genteel country heritage…


“Look around the corner, Seth! What do you see?”


“What is it, Papa?” “Why, it’s a groundhog, my boy. I trapped it with cunning and an apple for your edification. Whadda ya think?”


“ Papa, I do believe that he looks mighty like the Rodents of Unusual Size in that movie my parents think is so funny. And what sharp teeth he has!”


Rodent: “Grrrr. Snarl.”


“Well, my boy, we shall take him and let him run free at the farm up the road where he can’t dig holes under the barn any longer. I wonder if your mother will let us put him the back of her minivan. Not really the authentic country way to haul groundhogs, but it will have to do.”


Editor’s note: We do not recommend transporting groundhogs in minivans. They stink, and if they were to get loose, your upholstery would be no more.


“Run, Groundhog, run! Live and be free… and don’t come back to our house. ‘Cause Nana says if the grandchildren weren’t around that you’d already be in Groundhog Heaven…”


And so ends the story of little Seth and his groundhog… Tune in next time to hear about little Evan and the man eating cucumber plant…


Ruthie said...

Can't wait to read about the man eating cucumber plant!

Ruthie said...
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