Sunday, June 06, 2010


I thought “Musings” sounded better than “random incoherent mutterings,” though I’m not above making that a post title at some point.


Dad and Mom aren’t terribly computer savvy, and I’m currently benefitting. Let me explain. =) Mom and Dad also had a recent renovation, and Mom’s beloved behemoth of a stainless steel sink was a victim. They hated to throw it in a landfill, but they didn’t know what to do with it. Enter the idea of loading it into the back of their daughter’s minivan so she can post in on Craigslist in her own fair city.

So she did. The thing is huge and an unusual size. It was hard to figure out how to price it, but if you wanted it new from the company, it would cost you $1,000. I decided to try selling it for $100, the proceeds to be split between the parents and myself…. their idea of good commission, and I’m not arguing.

I posted pictures and dimensions, and wouldn’t ya know it, there’s a home for every sink. Some guy with a ‘6o’s farmhouse was looking for a 42 in. double sink to fit in his hole, and he wasn’t going to haggle.

I now have pool money for the summer. Mom and Dad, you got anything else potentially valuable you wanna sell? I’m lookin’ to make some date money…


An old plastic tablecloth makes a good cover for a kiddie pool. It’s also a great way to keep dried pinto beans from lodging themselves into the crevices of your deck. I’m just sayin’.


Having a written plan for filling the next several hot and humid evenings without David helps keep me from panicking at the thought, even if that plan includes nothing more than “play in pool” or “make crafts with marshmallows.” Trial ends Friday… we hope.


Dad dropped by during naptime on his way home from the beach. One of the best gifts he’s given me lately was sitting in my house while I got to go to the library. I came away with my arms loaded with treasures of mindless escapism… Agatha Christie, John Grisham…. I love my books, and I love knowing that I can put my itchy fingers on something and instantly be transported into a different world for a couple of paragraphs before a fight breaks out over a plastic dinosaur.

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Shannon said...

You've been close to my heart with these long evenings away from your hubby...I sympathize. Planning is something that really helped us, too...somehow, just saving myself the trouble of thinking on my feet and knowing there was something to look forward to (no matter how simple) really helped pass the time smoothly. :)
And happy belated birthday to sweet Evan...what a cutie he is!