Monday, June 28, 2010

cousins visit…



We went to Norfolk this weekend to see David’s folks… and cousins visiting from overseas. We don’t get to see them but about once every few years. It was a good trip. Lots of game playing and pool splashing… with gentle and kind big cousins that Seth now adores…


The wives left one of the husbands with the one-year-old, jointly teething, baby boys while we went yard saleing. We came back to find this. He’s got the two spooner tandem move completely down….


We joined them for their family devotion time in the evening. Seth even asked to pray both nights, though he didn’t seem to be completely sure what it was about. I’m glad to get some new ideas. It might be about time to introduce this into our family mix… we’ll see.

Evan is upstairs fussing. You would be, too, if you had 4 teeth coming in at the same time. Poor little guy. Anyway, gotta run…

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