Monday, August 25, 2008

Smiling, happy people...

He isn't the only one that has something to smile about today! The seller's got back to us, and they're going to fix everything! I'm sooo relieved. I've never done this before, and even though I was told that it is customary for the seller's to fix the things that are wrong on the home inspection, it was easy to worry about what we should do if they didn't want to. They've got plenty of time to get it done before we move in. Hallelujah!

The last week has been pretty stressful for me with all this hanging out there. You know, the kind of stress where you realize that you're just a little cranky and on edge and more likely to take picking from your husband the wrong way. That kind. The kind that makes you think, "Huh, didn't realize I was stressed, but I guess I must be."

I think I've gotten used to being a nomad. We've lived in so many different places, and we've rented in them all. If there was something I didn't like about a place, oh well, I knew I'd have the option of leaving there soon anyway. Well, it doesn't work that way if you own your dwelling. If an unneighborly person moves in next door to you, you can't just move. You have to deal with it.

Owning a house will glue your feet to the ground more than renting will. I don't know if I like that idea. I don't know if I want permanence. Actually "owning" my own place doesn't feel that important to me at the moment. After all, the bank will mostly own it for the next several years. The main benefit is that I can change it however I want, and the rent won't be going up. =)

We're not fix-it people. I suspect that we won't really become fix-it people, though I could be surprised. I don't like the idea of relying on friends to teach us how to do the home repairs that need to be done. I also don't like the idea of hiring the work out if we should be learning how to do it ourselves... I think too far in advance. It's a bad habit. I should be just enjoying this moment of moving into a house that doesn't need something major done to it. Have I mentioned I have a new fridge and a new flat top stove? =) Focus on the positive, Ellen.

Think about the sunlight streaming through the lovely French doors into your living room. See the branches from your backyard trees with autumn leaves dancing from them. Imagine pulling fresh bread from your oven while glimpsing a warm fire in your fireplace from the corner of your eye. See your home filled with family and friends enjoying sweet fellowship together. Ahhh. That's better. =)

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I think I broke my little toe? We've got it all here, folks. Highs... lows... and everything in between. Yup. I probably broke it a month ago, and then I slammed into the door frame in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago, and its messed up again. This morning, I stubbed it, and I couldn't keep from screaming because it hurt so much, and Seth got scared and started crying. So I finally made an appointment. I guess I'm going to have to give in and have those x-rays done after all.

This is going to be busy week. I have my end of mentoring program dinner tonight, a training for MOPS tomorrow, signing loan papers on Thursday, dinner with a college student family friend on Thursday night, and we leave for a weekend with Mimi and Pop Pop at the cabin on Friday. Whew!

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