Saturday, August 09, 2008


So... after a crazy day of wild mood swings, I hit equilibrium temporarily, and we made an offer on the house. =)

I needed to go right around that area and look at some of the neighborhoods I'd passed over before because we weren't looking so much in that area. It was for my peace of mind. That drive was very illuminating for me. There is nothing else like this house with this lot in that area. The other neighborhoods, even the ones built the same time, have much smaller lots where you get to stare directly at your neighbors grilling out. They're cute houses, but they're smaller, and quite frankly, it ticks me off when developers try to substitute "cute" for square footage, backyard foliage, and lot size. And they're asking more for them than this house! So that helped me get my head straight.

They have until 5:00 p.m. to respond to our offer. Our realtor thinks its a very fair one, considering this house has been on the market all of two days. =) If this isn't what we're supposed to do, I want God to stop it cold. Please pray for us that His will will be done.

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katie said...

you're leavin' us all hanging here!
just kidding.. sort of.