Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our house...

We're first time homeowners! I'm still in shock, really. We made the offer on Saturday morning, faxing the realtor all the paperwork before we went to the pool at 10:00 a.m. By 11:30, she had called back with their counteroffer! There's nothing like watching your husband pace back and forth in his bathing suit, Blackberry plastered to his ear, while a bunch of your Sunday School class watches with anticipation. =) I was very surprised how reasonable their counteroffer was. I was totally expecting them to say, "Nope, we want list price and no concessions, and we're going to wait around since we just put it on the market."

The realtor was really pleased. We all agreed they'd priced it well to start out with, and then they weren't being unreasonable about haggling about that. She said that other houses she'd seen in this neighborhood had also gone the first day or first week on the market. Apparently the owners cared a lot about having a buyer that was flexible with the closing date. They wanted time to buy another house, and they hadn't started looking yet. Our close date is Oct. 22, over 60 days out, but we have to give 60 days notice to our landlord anyway, so this will really work out great for us.

I'm getting really excited! I'm starting to have a vision for painting it and tweaking little things and making it my own. Now I just need decorating ideas! I've never had to plan like this before, so its a little overwhelming. This is the very first time I'll be able to pick my own carpet and paint colors.

We're got inspection coming up soon, and I'm nervous about that. Pray that we find the right home inspector, that he catches anything and everything important, and that they're willing to fix the things that are broken.

I think I'm going to start praying now for this house to be a blessing, for our family, and for all those that come under our roof. I am overwhelmed at God's goodness to our little family.


Meredith said...


I absolutely love the detail of the Chippendale railing. The whole house has a classic, traditional look that will never age.

It suits you!

Shannon said...

YAY! It looks like a GREAT house from the outside...what fun! We're praying everything goes well with the inspection/appraisal and proceedings toward closing!
Ian says to tell Seth hi. :)

Brandy said...

Many, many congratulations! I am so excited for you! And the house is just beautiful. :)

The Mom said...

Well done in finding a place so quickly! Hope all goes well with the inspection; and you sure will have fun decorating once you move in.

Ruth said...

Congrats you guys! We miss you!

NotTheMama said...

Congratulations on your house!! It's so pretty.

Screaming Meme said...

You are so lucky! Enjoy that beautiful home!!!...It is just beautiful...If you need any ideas on exterior/interior just ask...I love sharing my ideas....Screaming meme