Saturday, August 16, 2008

Window mistreatments...

I just found this today. There is hope for my future windows. =)

I'm getting so many ideas lately, and my mom is coming to hang out with her grandson this week, and she's bringing, like, 5 years worth of back Country Living and Southern Living. Yeah, I guess packratting does come in handy sometimes. =)

I just need to take my time and look around and let the rooms grow on me before I put up accessories. I know that will help immensely, and all the decorating ideas will help even more.

Thanks for the encouragement, guys.

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Screaming Meme said...

You are so right...Let your rooms evolve...It will only take one thing to inspire a room...Rooms do not need to be expensive...It's more rewarding when you designed it with also nothing! Good luck with your new home! If you want any ideas...I'm full of them...I'm Interior Decorator/Model Home Stager...My blog is always full of cheap tricks...I will have alot of fall ideas this month...I love fall...I'm ready for fall...It's so hot here!!! :)...Screaming Meme