Friday, August 08, 2008

More house hunting...

We saw another house last night. It has a great flow inside, it's a good size, and the yard is huge with hardwood trees. Wood burning fireplace... check. Great kitchen... check. Open floor plan... check. It's the right price... check. It backs up to a nice neighborhood on this side of town, so that's a plus for future value. You can't hear much road noise at all from the house, mostly just lawn mowers and crickets... But hey, this is the city. Close to my library, my parks, my pool, another greenway entrance... just on the other side of them from where we are now.

But I'm an emotional wreck about it all. I vacillate wildly. One minute, I think this would be great, and I could fall in love with it, given some vastly different interior decor. =) The next minute I wonder if we can do better for what we can afford. One minute I think we can... another minute I think we can't. I want to be wise on such a huge purchase. I go over there, and I stand in front of the house and think this could be it, and then I go home, and I'm not sure anymore. I don't have the soul crushing lack of peace that I've had in the past. I'm just confused and unsure. We've run comps, and so has our realtor. This house is priced right by everyone's estimation, and it will probably move quickly. I refuse to jump on it before I'm ready just because I don't want to lose it. If it's the right thing, God will keep it for me.

It probably doesn't help that I really haven't looked much on this side of town before. We thought it was too far from work before we discovered a good way into downtown from there. I have glanced at houses over there, but not with a ton of detail. There are some others that are listing for more that could be good... maybe. But I don't know how much less they'd be willing to take, and this one does have a new roof and HVAC for the price we can afford. But this is a huge yard for this area and this price... Confusion... Would I notice the occasional loud semi going by in the distance, or would it fade into the background after awhile? Would taking that awful drape off the french doors open up a whole new view of the backyard? The cul de sac would be great for Seth to play in, and there are other little children in the neighborhood. Hmmm.

Just thought I'd let you know what was going on. I'm tired of myself with this housing hunt, so you may be tired of me, too, at this point. Sigh.


Momma B. said...

Oh, my goodness! It's fantastic!! The cons I am hearing seem like small potatoes! And look at the list of pros...It's beautiful...Can I come live with you?

katie said...

wow, I have to say the front is gorgeous ... it seems perfect but I know it's hard when you don't feel peace yet. hope this works out for you soon!