Saturday, April 12, 2008

Misc. busyness...

It's been a whirlwind around here lately! David went to DC early on Friday morning to have a scheduled lunch with his Former Boss and his former co-clerks. He was supposed to stay with friends from church overnight last night. Well, their baby that wasn't supposed to come for a few more weeks made her appearance last night! Congratulations, Ed and Ruth!

But... that meant he had to find a new place to bunk. Fortunately, we were members of a wonderful church, and our former caregroup is a treasure trove of generous, hospitable people. Man, I miss y'all sometimes. You know who y'all are. =) Anyhoo, the Middletons sprang into action, and David spent the night at their house.

He's on his way back now, and should arrive this afternoon... just in time to pack us up and head to Mom and Dad's for a long weekend. On the way, we're swinging by to pick up... Vance, Terri, Isaac, and Claire! Yeah!!! They're here for a spring visit, and their time with her family is just about up. Now we get them for a long weekend! We won't be back until Monday night.

I put them on a plane on Tuesday morning, and then I head back to the airport on Tuesday night to pick up Sarah (with Susan and Sharon in utero.) She's here to look at housing options until Friday when I put her back on a plane.

Is it starting to make sense where the overwhelmed feeling is coming from now? =) I thought so. Please pray for wonderful visits and peaceful times for all of us. And I've got allergies at the moment, looks like. Please pray that I get out of my stressed funk really soon. I want to be a joy and a blessing to be around. Hugs! See ya soon... and I'm sure I'll have pictures to post!

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NotTheMama said...

You are a busy woman! ;) Don't forget to find some time for yourself. Have fun!!