Friday, April 25, 2008

Seth, almost 15 months...

Seth is in another one of his change spurts. =) Some of you moms out there probably know what I mean. It's like parts of his personality burst into bloom, and all of a sudden, he starts doing new things. That's what this past week has been like around here.
The past few weeks, he's gotten a lot more mobile. It's still army crawling, but he does a lot more of it than he used to. He'll go back and forth across the living room several times in a play period.
He LOVES the "knock down the blocks" game. We stack a flew wooden blocks up, and when he sees the tower, he smiles, squeals, and immediately lunges forward to crawl as fast as he can to them. Once he's knocked them down, and we have exclaimed at that, he gives us a big laugh. I have discovered that I can use stacking the blocks to get him to travel from room to room without me picking him up. I just keep stacking them farther and farther away until he's gotten where I'd like to him to be. I'm sneaky like that.
The past couple of mornings, I've gotten nice surprises when I've walked in to get him up. I usually ask him if he'd like to get up. Until now, it's just been a rhetorical question. Well, yesterday morning, after I asked, he looked straight at me, and said an emphatic, "Yes!" Hmm, well, I guess I didn't get in there early enough. Fine, then. I was a nice shock, though. This morning, I went in, and he didn't even wait for me to ask. He said, "Up!," and as I was sitting down to take his sleep sack off, he said, "Eat." Where did all this come from? Go back to being a baby, why dontcha. =)
He's also learned to say his name and to say "book" this week. There is something really special about hearing someone say their own name for the first time. God has made him his own unique person. We got the privilege of giving a name to that person. And now he is able to identify who he is, and how he is set apart and different from every other person and thing in the world. Well, maybe he doesn't have that much of a clue, but maybe, just maybe, he does. That is something to smile over.


Rachel said...

So funny for me to hear of kids younger than Emma saying so much (19 mon.)! She's still at Ga, ga, ga for things. There are few variations on that, but it's pretty simple. She can express so much with so little! Oh well, soon I'm sure.
Mine is walking, but your's is talking!! Pretty cool how different kids are!

Momma B. said...

WOW! Maybe FL was talking like that at 15 months, but none of the others, I bet all those books you read together has something to do with it. Plus, he comes from two geniuses!