Saturday, April 05, 2008


At times, it is a HUGE blessing to have a husband who isn't too terribly observant! Otherwise, you'd never be able to throw him a surprise birthday party without giving it all away. =) I had lots of help on this one. We had 16 adults and 4 babies cheerfully smashed into the house, since the weather simply wouldn't cooperate for me. I had croquet in the works! Sigh. But it was nice porch sitting weather, even with the rain.

This surprise party was a covered dish. I made him a cake, and I made a spaghetti bake and hid it in the back of the fridge, but I didn't figure there was any other way to do the food without him getting suspicious. A couple of our friends came over early to bring in the balloons I'd hidden in the shed and to put my bake in the oven. They let everyone else in, and everyone parked just around the corner.

The toughest thing was coming up with a way to get him out of the house for 30 minutes while everyone arrived. My original plan was to go for a walk. Well, the rain nixed that. So I took him to the library instead. I told him we'd be leaving for our next destination by 5:15. Problem. The library closed at 5:00. So we sat in the van for a few minutes, and then I pretended to have forgotten something essential at home. As we pulled up, I asked him to go and get it. I told him he'd find it underneath our red chair. Well, he went in, and everyone yelled "Surprise!" I wish I could've seen it, but everyone said he jumped, and he was genuinely shocked.

I had made up a party bag pinata, but we'll have to bust it another time. But we did get to do my party quiz that I'd made up. Thanks to Wendy for printing it off for me. The winner got some absolutely fabulous "Bling Temporary Tattoos" from the dollar store. Those with kids stayed until past their kid's bedtimes, so I think that means the party was a big success! =)

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NotTheMama said...

Sounds like a good time!! And my kind of party! I sent you an eail towards the end of the week, not sure if ya got it or not.