Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yeah, I never give the outcome...

Ok, ok, I know... I never give the outcome of things. I mention them once, and then you don't hear about them again. So this will be an update smorgasbord of stuff. In the picture above, you see Megan. Megan is my mentoring buddy! She came over for dinner Thursday before last, and we hung out. It was great! She's from eastern NC, and her daddy is a farmer. We share a love of cooking home cooked meals and a mutual agreement that big yards and trees are more important than new construction and square footage. =) Seth was a ridiculous showoff for her; he took to her right away. David gave us some time to chat after dinner, and we did some back porch swinging while they had reading time. I think she and her boyfriend may come to dinner next month, and maybe he and David can spend some time doing the guy bonding thing.

She's a wonderful girl, and I have no idea why she wanted to be mentored. She seems very grounded in her faith and her life. But hey, I have noticed that singles like to hang out with families sometimes, so if that and some fresh chocolate chip cookies are the only things I can offer, hopefully that will be good enough! She said I could mention her on this blog... as long as I didn't say anything bad. =) If you're reading this, Megan, I'm so glad the Lord matched us up! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better over the next 6 months.

In other news, we have been getting to know the big dog neighbors better. They have been putting the dogs up every night, and that has been a HUGE help. I don't mind if they bark some during the day, as long as I can get a good night's sleep. I have been hanging out with Allison and baby Frankie some, and we were even able to babysit for them last weekend. A relationship that started out with the potential to really go south has turned into a blessing for all. Thanks for your prayers on this one!

And tomorrow... Seth and I will begin our Elder/Baby Ministry. =) I probably didn't mention this, but not long after I sent an email to the ElderCare ministry at my church, we got a very random phone call. It was a elderly lady who had seen an article about David in our college publication. She wanted to talk to him about his clerkship. Apparently, she'd lived in D.C. with her husband, and he was a donor to the business school, and... long story short, she just wanted to chat with him. The school asked us for our permission to give our phone number to her, and she called. Apparently she likes to hear about former students who are doing neat things. In the course of the conversation, David found out that she is 90 years old, is widowed, and has no children. She seemed very sharp and spunky to me. And I wondered if this was the Lord telling me who I should start visiting. How many times do elderly people that I don't know call our house, especially after I've been praying for one to visit? She lives in a retirement home nearby, so today, I called her up.

It was an awkward conversation. Try calling an elderly lady out of the blue sometime and explaining to her that you'd like to bring your baby to come and visit her. Eventually, she seemed to understand what I was asking. I explained, "My husband said that you mentioned what a blessing it was that we had our little boy, and I have noticed that older people enjoy babies, and I wanted to be a blessing." She responded with: "My, you are a very unusual person. I would love to have you come to visit." I think that was a compliment. Hmm. So tomorrow, off we go! Hopefully I'll get a picture and tell you how it went.

But with this, as with anything, it helps to keep me accountable. So if you want to know more and I've spaced and haven't mentioned something, just leave me a comment. Sorry. =)

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