Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sarah is coming!!!

If you haven't been over to Incessant Anonymity in a few days, go there. I'll wait. Don't worry; I'll still be here... Go. Now.

Alrighty. Now that you've read that... Isn't it the most exciting thing ever?!!! I was on the phone with Sarah, who had called to tell me about the twin's gender, and while I was on with her, she got a call on the other line from Stephen. I was on hold forever. Seth grew up and went to college while I was on hold. But then she came back, and she had fantastic news. Stephen got the job! At the school really close to my house!!! And now she needs a place to live... pronto!!!

I love hunting for places to live. And its much less stressful when you're doing it for someone else. You can look at floorplans and imagine furniture. You can scope out apartment pools and imagine all the hours that you'll spend there, despite the fact that you've never spent much time at any of the pools you've had before. But I have to get Sarah a good pool. This is important to me, since this is my summer swim plan for a certain toddler who shall remain nameless. Hee hee.

But I am the super helpful moving friend, I am, I am! She sent me a link, and 10 minutes later, Seth and I were out the door to pick up a flier and make sure it looked as good in person as it did in the pictures. I have been driving everywhere with a weather eye out for any obscure apartment complex sign I might have missed. She's flying down next week to go on apartment safari with me. We'll put on our pith helmets, Seth will take his monkey, and we shall venture into the jungles of rental offices everywhere. Can you tell I'm stoked about this? =) Is stoked even a remotely cool word anymore? I digress. Seth is getting up, and I shall go and get him... with visions of washer/dryer hookups dancing in my head.

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Sarah Shingler said...

I knew you were gonna wanna hang out at my pool ;) It's cool.. I'll be the sunburnt whale beached on the 3 deck chairs. Should be fun!