Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week's activities...

This little family is humming along with a week full of playdates... Yesterday, I had my church S.S. playdate here at our house. I've been several times, and I enjoy this group of laid back gals. We all have the same portable highchair, and I think that's enough to create a bond that will stand the test of time. Whoever has playdate hosts lunch for everyone else, with people bringing items as they wish. I put out a black bean and cheese quesadilla bar. It's easy and healthy and... cheap. =) You just take a can or two of black beans, rinse, and drain, and then spin in the food processor. Put out some mexican seasoning, cheese, and salsa, and then set a pan on the stove on low. Voila! I thought they came out really well, and it was easy for me to do on a rainy Monday morning after a long weekend away.

This morning I had a playdate with a gal I've been wanting to get to know from MOPs. We hit the baby storytime at her local library. I've never been to one of those before, but it was an instant hit. I am perfectly aware that I can read stories and do the same rhymes and songs here at home with Seth. In fact, I've been doing that for at least a month now. But for some reason, watching a lady in a multi-colored apron doing them in a room with other babies instantly transforms the same thing that Mommy does every day into a three ring circus complete with clown car. Go figure. I'm starting to get an idea why some people find it attractive to send their children to school to be taught by a real live teacher person. =)

After storytime ended, far too soon, we went to her local park. There are lots of great parks in this area that I'm really looking forward to exploring. This one was no exception. It had plenty of that great black spongy stuff that looks like asphalt but is much nicer for baby tushies to fall upon. Seth army crawled all over it. And I discovered as we were talking that I had been in a local homeschool group with the husband of the gal I was playdating with! Crazy, man! I looked at her son and saw my old playmate all of a sudden. It was amazing how looking at him called up this vivid mental image of her husband as a 8-year-old in 1980something. I'm looking forward to getting together with him again. Hopefully I didn't put gravel in his shoes on the playground or something equally bratty. I have a bad habit of forgetting awful things my childhood self did to others until they remind me of them about 20 years later. Let's move on, people! =)

I'm hoping to get a babysitter for us for this weekend, since we haven't got any prior commitments. David and I have been wanting to see "Juno," and it's come to our local $1.50 theatre. With coupons for Mexican, etc., and a free babysitting swap, we might just be able to have a really nice date for about $15. Wish me luck on finding somebody who has nothing to do but watch my baby on short notice on a Friday night. =)

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