Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy 31st, honey!

This is David's birthday present table display. I got the idea for making a nice birthday display from Like Merchant Ships. It's a cheap, easy way to make a birthday a little bit more special, and we all know I like cheap. =) I just put out a tablecloth and set the table with our wineglasses and a candle. I cut some of the azalea blooms off one of our bushes and put them in a vase, and then I arranged the presents around it. I thought I might put some of our framed pictures or balloons around it if it looked sparse, but it didn't. I got David a purple helium balloon at the dollar store, but it didn't seem to go, so it was waiting for him, tied to his sink when he went in to get ready in the morning. =)

David loves a good breakfast, so this morning, I got up to make him one! This is big for me, people. I love cinnamon rolls in a can! They're awesome.

I think its time for some new glasses. =) I do have his permission to put this online, just in case you're wondering.
In my family, it was always very important to have lots of things to open on your birthday morning. Even if the thing was no big deal, the number of things to unwrap was what counted. I remember my mom giving me some new socks wrapped up one year. =) David's big presents this year are a bike (from my parents) and a bike seat for Seth (from me), but we haven't had time to go out and get those yet. I couldn't let the day go by without stuff to unwrap, though! That would be a family sin!
So I got some smaller things for him to unwrap. He got the gag glasses and a jumping spider from the dollar store, his favorite candy bar, a button down Izod shirt that looks like its been barely worn from Goodwill, 3 great children's books from Goodwill for him to read to Seth, a homemade gift card from me offering for me to get him books on tape from the library and take them back, all at his request, before any long drives for work, a speedometer for the bike, and two picture frames that I filled with pictures I'd already printed in frames we picked out months ago. He took the frames to work with him to put up, and he was pleased that I FINALLY got it done. Hey, if I hadn't procrastinated, he wouldn't have had something extra to open up, now would he?
I'm making him his requested dinner tonight, fried chicken, and I've arranged lunch plans for him today. The cake will be made this weekend, along with other birthday surprises. Birthdays aren't just one day affairs around here. We party as long as possible.


Momma B. said...

PARTY ON!! Happy Birthday, Uncle David! Love your Lone Star Nieces and Nephew!

Kristin said...

My mom always did a birthday display table for us growing up. It was complete with a birthday banner announcing how old we were. I loved it. :)

Mrs. Querido said...

I came over from Like Merchant Ships. I was just responding to your question about tithing. My husband and I have ALWAYS tithed regardless of our money situation. Even if it looked as if we wouldn't have enough money to pay basic bills and meet basic needs, we tithed. God is good all the time and He has never failed us. There were times, admittedly, where it was sooo hard to write out the tithe check. Where I could think of a million other things I wanted to do with that money. But we believe in obeying the Bible even if it is hard.
Oh yeah, I think one of your other questions was do you tithe off of gross or net. We personally believe that tithing off the gross is the only way to go. It says to give the first ten percent. Why give to the government first and then tithe on leftovers? Ten percent right off of the top and we give that before we even sit down to pay the bills.
We do not tithe out of obligation but out of gratitude. We give because He gives to us over and above what we deserve. We give to Him first as a statement that He is first priority in all areas, even finances.
And we are blessed for our obedience. I am able to stay at home with our three children and my husband only has to work one job. We are convinced that it is because of our obedience in this area that we are able to do the a single income family who owns a home, two cars and has three children.
Glory to God, it is by His grace we are where we are.
Hope this helps answer your questions!

Mrs. Q