Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Haircut and leaving tomorrow

It's been a quiet day mostly. I folded lots of laundry and prepared us to leave early tomorrow morning for Texas! Seth needed a haircut. Badly. Now, last time, I took him to the overpriced kid's cuttery. I know all of you have seen one of these. They have cutesy little cars or airplanes for them to sit in, and they play kid's videos on a tv in front of the chair. They have toys in the waiting room. It's quite a fun place. But... as I have mentioned before, they charged me nearly $20 last time to cut a few hairs off him in the back. It took all of a couple of minutes. So I decided we weren't doing that again. No way is my baby getting charged as much as I do for a haircut.

So we went down to the local Hair Cuttery today. David gets his hair cut there, and it's very reasonable. Low and behold, they do kid's haircuts for $9. That's much better. Tonya had me sit Seth on my lap, and she gave him a comb to hold, which he LOVED, and she did a great job! Tonya cuts David's hair, and now she'll be cutting his son's hair. There's something sweet about that, dontcha think? And I think it's sweet on the old wallet, too. =)

We're flying out early. Please pray for good travel for us all, especially on the way back. We got a good price on tickets and a good time, but the return trip will take 6 1/2 hours with a layover. I'm very nervous about how Seth will handle that long en route. He seems to have a progressively harder time each time we fly. Last time was not pleasant. But we're looking forward to seeing family and catching up. Just about all of the cousins are going to make it, from what I heard last! Catch you next week!

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Sherry said...

Just a quick question...
You said you got a good price on the ticket to Texas. I don't know if you remember or not, but my grandmother and aunt and uncle live in Texas and I have been trying to get down there to see them around Easter, but the flights are so expensive. I would have to fly into Dallas, so maybe that's why. But anyway, I was just wondering what airline you got your flights through and if it was under $300 per round trip ticket. No major hurry in getting an answer, so next week is fine if you get a chance.
Thanks in advance for the good tips!
Have a great trip!