Friday, February 15, 2008


Still sick around here. Seth has a clear runny nose, but he's also drooling, so I think he's teething. The only one cranky is me, so that's a great thing.

If you want to feel awesome about what made your honey for Valentine's Day dinner last night, I can help. I'd thawed the beef for stew, but the thought of eating it made me want to gag. All I wanted to eat was.... Kraft mac n' cheese and hot dogs I bought at the dollar store. (No, they hadn't expired, it's a local company that has lots of leftovers sometimes.) Exactly what my stomach wanted, David likes it, and Seth had his first taste of hot dog. He loved it. But not such a romantic dinner.

I love, love, love my man, especially when I'm sick. Have you ever noticed that your spouse looks so much better to you when you feel crummy and they're doing the dishes? =) David's gentleness and thoughtfulness are two of the character traits that most attracted me to him. Yesterday was one of those days when I could hardly believe my good fortune that God gave me a man that is so much better than I deserve.

Last night, as I lay on my back with the snot draining away (hey, you know you might get this when you read here), I put my hand on his stomach, and he put his hand on top of mine. We lay there dozing, me so thankful for his presence when I'm sick, and him falling asleep and the pressure of his hand getting heavier and heavier on mine as he fell asleep until my hand went numb and I had to pull it away. It was wonderful... in a sick, low key kind of way. Ahh, married bliss.

For some reason, when I'm sick, I feel the need to prove to myself that I can be productive, so I'm sometimes more productive than when I'm well. So Sarah and Amanda, you're both getting packages in the mail. Sarah, yours is a pregnancy care package, and Amanda, yours is the stuff you left here over a month ago with a little somethin' somethin' there as well. We're hitting the post office, and I'm finally going to get those thank you notes from Seth's party mailed as well. Less than a month; that's pretty good for me.

I finally made Seth a 12 month doctor's appointment. I've been dreading the checklist in the waiting room, so I've been putting it off until now. "Is your baby crawling on his hands and knees? "No." "Pulling up?" "No." "Able to get from the floor to sitting up on his own?" "No." Can you see why I think this is going to be fun? I have a really great, low key doctor that I like, and I got an appointment with him. Maybe he'll give me some new exercises or tips I can try with Seth.

But what do you do with a baby who won't stay on his stomach on the floor for longer than 10 minutes at time without giving up and crying into the carpet? I guess I'm afraid that they're going to want me to get him a therapist or something, and I don't think it's time for that yet. He feeds himself, he talks up a storm, he loves his shape sorter and his books and to push buttons. He knows how to ask for "more" in sign language now, and yesterday, he said "done" when he was sitting there with food on his plate and he hadn't touched it for a bit. But my doctor won't be able to see those things in a 10 minute appointment. Please pray for me; I'm a novice mommy, and I don't really know what to do. The appointment is next Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Well, better run get a shower and a decongestant. Have a great weekend!


Herb of Grace said...

Seth is a beautiful, obviously intelligent young man, I bet you he'll just do all that stuff when he's ready. That said, I know how it is to worry. Sofi didn't crawl till she was almost one and didn't walk till around 13 mths. Judah is nine mths now and still HATES tummy time and can't even army-crawl/scoot. But he's also very large for his age (over 20 lbs) and they both started sign language early and Sofi's in 1st grade at age five. It's got nothing to do with intelligence, that's for sure. I think some kids are just late bloomers-- my hubby and I both were so our kids are getting it from both sides. I'm preaching to myself here, too, but try not to worry about it.

Anonymous said...

i choose to respond anonymously so that my name isn't used to nullify or verify my comments. peace here...

during tummy time, when he do you respond? do you pick him up, or just let him cry it out? is it possible that he's learned (since he doesn't seem to like it) that if he cries, you'll respond in his favor by ending tummy time?

you know his development will come as it comes. all you can do is continue to encourage tummy time, standing him up, etc. i'm sure you're doing fine. if there is room for improvement, however, don't be afraid to try new ways to solve problems.

Ellen said...

Yeah, I figured I'd get asked about what I do when he cries during tummy time. I have left him to cry quite often for at least 20 minutes, usually until he gives up, gets quiet, and puts his head down on the rug in defeat. Sometimes I wait a few minutes, sit him up, and then let him start all over again. If he gets really angry, he won't do anything but lie there and cry until he gets tired of crying. I really try to put some of his favorite toys out of reach, but if he doesn't feel like going for them, he just plays with his feet or the other ones near him. I may not be doing something right, but I'm really trying to be tough and make him stay on his tummy.

Brandy said...

Ellen, I can totally relate to being nervous at the checkups! My children develop at the average time, but they are usually quite small. But my current baby is the worst--weighing only 17.5 pounds at 13 months! I wasn't worried about her, but I was afraid the doctor would think I was a terrible mother. I've realized now that I do all I can in these situations, but in the end the children do their own thing. So stand with confidence, girl! :)

Also...about tummy time: I think this is something that is hardest with the first child. My first was very difficult in this area and so I got to where I divided the task into two steps: first learning to stay on the tummy and play and second doing it alone. So maybe get down and play with him? I don't know, it is just what worked for me. Also, my first actually played on his back most of the time. I later realized it was because his stomach hurt all the time and tummy time was painful. Again, just a reflection on my own experience.

I can tell you love your son. That is the most important thing!