Saturday, February 02, 2008

Do It With What Ya Have Decorating...

It's been a lovely Saturday. We're having 60 degree weather and no wind, so we took a walk today in between naps. David has had to work from home today, so I haven't gotten to spend a ton of time with him, but we had a really nice conversation while walking, talking over our blessings and the neat things God has been doing in our lives since we moved here. Seth rode in the backpack, squealed, and kicked and bucked for David to run around like a maniac every once in awhile. He loves walks.

We're having "real company" tonight. I define real company as people we don't know that well and that we have no real sense of how we'll get along with them. Having "real company" makes me want to make sure I've cleaned my bathroom and dusted. I get a little nervous around them. And in this case, today, the real company coming made me want to put up more on our walls. Our blah, off white walls that look even more blah when I take pictures of them. I'd really like to slash at them with a paintbrush loaded with golden autumn or vibrant sunshine or some other great color. But they're white, and they're going to stay white, so I did what I could.

Today was Do It With What Ya Have Decorating Day! Yup, everything I used was something I already own but hadn't been using. My great-aunt left me her china, so I dug out the butter plates. I also had some leftover hangers from the plate hanging spree in the kitchen. The plates are a total experiment that I'm not sure about yet. They have a gold rim and the deep rose color is also found in the painting, but I don't know. I'll let it grow on me. What do you think?

The pics below are what I'm most proud of. I finally got some pictures printed from the last six months. Kodak Gallery was running a great special on prints. I ordered two 8x10's. I had these picture frames that I took down from over the sofa because they were too small. So I replaced the pictures inside of them with these that I took of Seth last fall. Then I put them over by the door in an empty space there. The frames and matting are beautiful, and I think they make my pictures look like something I might've paid someone to take and print for me.

Oh yeah, and I don't have a picture of it, but I put the large, antique gold framed painting over the sofa. It fits that space much better; it's really huge. Thanks for all the suggestions last time I posted about this.


Shannon said...

I love the decorating...those pics of Seth really are great. I remember seeing some like those (or maybe those specifically?) in a post a while back...he's such a cutie! Stud Muffin shirts/onesies are currently on sale at Old Navy. :)

Andrea Casey said...

I have to agree, those pictures you took of Seth are great! Not sure if you've heard of, but they're running a great sale on prints until Feb 14. 6 cents for 4x6, 14 cents for 5x7. I've ordered hundreds of prints and have not been disappointed. Just thought I'd pass the info along in case you have more pics you want to have developed.

Have a great time with your "real company"! :)