Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MOPs Swaps...

So... today we had MOPs Swap at MOPs. I decided to round up a canvas bagful of stuff to swap. I didn't know how big a deal this thing was or wasn't, so I was going to go on the safe side. I put in a few books, some of Seth's old clothes and hats, and a couple of shirts of mine that were too small. All of it was decent stuff, nothing too ratty or too outdated. I even had an old copy of Moo Baa La La La that was snapped up in the first instant of the mad rush. =)

My, my... It was quite a pleasing smorgasboard. I came back with some great goodies! I found out afterward that one of the ladies in my small group had helped put out the table labels today, and she made sure we were in the one closest to the loot. Sneaky. But that meant I snagged this great rocking horse for Seth! It's adorable! It's made of plush, and when you push the ears, one ear makes a whinnying sound, and the other sounds like he's galloping. Hopefully he'll be ready for it any time now.

But my favorite pick of the day was the blast from the past above. I couldn't believe anyone would leave it on the book table for longer than a millisecond, but yet, there it was, with women buzzing around and ignoring Gregory in all his glory. Didn't anyone else remember this fantastic book from the days of Reading Rainbow? Doesn't anyone recognize a true classic anymore?

This is the story of Gregory the Goat. Gregory doesn't want to eat what all goats eat. He wants fruits and vegetables and meats and cereals. His parents are exceedingly disappointed. They want him to eat shoes and tin cans. They take him to the goat doctor, since his eating habits are so confusing and unhealthy. The doctor is eating cardboard when they arive. He tells Gregory's parents to take it slowly with Gregory. So that night, Gregory has a shoelace in his spaghetti for dinner.

So cute! Anybody else remember this book besides me? Anyone have any favorites from childhood that you ran across recently, giving you an "Oh-I-remember-this-book-and-I-loved-it" moment like mine?

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Sarah Shingler said...

My childhood favorite (after I got over being obsessed with the Richard Scary Word Book when I was 2) was The Ox Cart Man. Sometimes I read it out loud to myself and I still use the same sing song intonation that my mom used when she read it to me. Funny how those things stick in your mind. I also loved Corduroy and all the Madeline adventures... but then you knew that already ;)