Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thoughts on blogging and the internet...

I found this blog out of Afterthoughts, and this woman's post really made me think. I don't know exactly where she's coming from, as her last sentence was kinda weird, but the rest of the post was chock full of the kind of convicting thought that I needed right now. Please check it out and then come back here...

She's right that the internet is so full of good things that it can become a huge time waster. Blogging and reading other people's blogs, no matter how good and wholesome, can take precious time away from our real lives lived with real people. I am already in danger of neglecting Seth and David because I get too caught up in reading about someone else's life on the internet. Ok, who am I kidding, I know I have neglected them and chosen the internet over them sometimes. I did it the other day when I reasoned that Seth needed to learn to play alone, so it would be fine to leave him to sit on the floor while I fed my blog addiction. Yes, he needs to learn to play alone, but my motives for teaching him to do so were suspect.

I have decided that I'm only going to get on the computer when Seth is napping or when David is reading to Seth before bed. Other than that, I need to leave it alone. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and this is it. I don't watch much tv, so it's easy to claim that I'm self disciplined in my media consumption because of that. I can too easily ignore the fact that I have no self control in another equally important area. I'm going to be praying for God's help to refocus so that the internet becomes just another blessing for me and not a hindrance.


Andrea Casey said...

Since my new blog isn't up and running (my dh is doing all the back-end stuff to it), I've had time to reevaluate blogging and the time I spent doing it. I've been convicted about how I'd easily go to my computer to type out my thoughts rather than run to the Lord. As a result of this conviction, I picked up writing in my prayer journal again. This has helped tremendously with realigning where/Who my focus should be. My time with the Lord and His Word has also been much more beneficial.'s interesting how the Lord works in hearts around the globe, many times teaching similar lessons to similar people.

It sounds like you have some good goals to shoot for in how you limit yourself online and spend more time with the ones you love most! Many blessings to you!

Herb of Grace said...

Love this post. It's a reminder that all we who blog and google need to have on a regular basis. I tend to go through cycles of "over-use" that I need to be convicted of it and return to my primary responsibility-- my husband, my children and my home.

The Mom said...

I think it is important to balance out how much social contact time you have overall, not just online.

You can be online or on the phone, or having friends over, or going out with friends and neglecting your family in each way.

I spend more time on line because I never use the phone and don't have many in real life friends where we live.

I think the internet is a blessing - tho obviously a mixed one :-)