Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I used my coffee pot this morning. To make oatmeal.

We have a long history of disrespecting our coffee pot around here. When you come to visit us, there will be caffeinated coffee in the freezer. You may not be able to find creamer or filters, but we can make do for ya with the baby's whole milk and a paper napkin. It's enough to make some of you run screaming to Starbucks.

We went to WallyWorld last night, and I was riveted to the spot by the tv they put above the banana stand. 'Cause if you have to get bananas, you might as well watch tv while you do it. Anyhoo... Alton Brown (a man I used to threaten to run away with until I decided that his nitpicking tendencies about measuring things might dampen our ardent romance) was talking about how you can make oatmeal in your coffee pot. I was intrigued.

So I tried it! It works great, but only if you add just the amount of water called for on the packet. I tried adding more, thinking it seemed like too little. No dice. I'm wondering if Meredith has any ideas on how to do this without using instant oatmeal, maybe quick cooking oats instead. Hmmm. I liked this because I could dump it in and know it would still be hot whenever I wanted it (aka., whenever Seth finished eating). But it seemed like a great tip for when you're on the road, your hotel is too cheap to provide continental breakfast, but you still have one of those tiny coffee pots. Go here for the full scoop. Of oatmeal. Not coffee.


Sarah Shingler said...

I gotta say.. this seems like more trouble than it's worth. If you are making instant oatmeal anyway, why not just nuke it for the couple of minutes it calls for and be done with it ? The thought of trying to get all the sticky oatmeal leftovers out of the odd curves of most coffee pots makes me a little twitchy.

Ellen said...

Yeah, it may be more trouble than it's worth for everyday. But if I wanted to make a lot or make some on a trip, I could use the coffee pot. I just wondered if it worked. =)