Thursday, February 21, 2008


29... socks that Seth is "helping" me fold? times that I've read "Puppy Too Small? pieces of chewed prune I've picked up off the floor? jewels in my tiara? =) Nope. 29: the number of years I have now been breathing air. Sigh. Can't I just stay 28 forever? 28 was such a good year. But hey, hopefully, 29 will be, too. I'm not one of those people who's going to take turning 30 very well.

Sarah put this up this morning. Thanks, sis. My leapord print bathing suit with hints of hot pink in it was to die for back then. Notice that neither of us had a prayer of filling out those rockin' suits. Ahh, to be twelve again. Dad, did you notice that you have before you proof that we did, indeed, play in the nasty waters of the boat slew? We're lucky we didn't ingest motor fuel and die or cut up our legs on rusty cans. And you said I was making it up. Hah!

I'm having a pretty good birthday. I woke up with the stomach yuck that I've been fighting off for the past few days. I wasn't able to enjoy the fresh donut in bed that David brought me as much as I would've liked. My honey got me some candles, gourmet hot chocolate, yard sale books, and earrings for my birthday. I also got a bit of mad money which I plan to hoard until I find the perfect thing to spend it on! We're going to the Olive Garden tonight for my favorite restaurant meal. We're dropping the munchkin off at my cousin's house (they live 5 minutes from the restaurant), and we'll get two hours of uninterrupted dinner, and he'll get two hours to play with their dogs. He LOVES dogs. We all win.

My stomach yuck is improving, and Seth and I had some good times together after Bible study this morning. I put him on the bed to play with the cat. She left... quickly. But then he rolled around for awhile, and.... he actually pushed up on his knees and stayed there longer than .01 of a second. I have something good to report to the doctor tomorrow! Yeah! He also spent some good tummy time on the floor with his stuffed giraffe. I knew it was time for an early nap when he fell asleep right there.

I love watching my sleeping baby boy. Besides David, he's the best birthday present I could ever ask for. I told him so as I carried him out to the car this morning. Who needs gifts when you have baby hugs, baby squeals, and baby smiles? I know I think they're worth more than anything I've ever done, every place I've ever been, any degree I've ever obtained, and any experience I could've had if I hadn't become a mom. Seth didn't give me anything for my birthday today. Just himself. And that's far more than enough gift for me.


Perry and Amanda said...

Happy Birthday

Momma B. said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Ellen!! We love you!
Danny, KElli, FaithLYn, Elise, and Olivia

Momma B. said...

Oh, and Judson, too!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday!!