Monday, February 11, 2008


Now that we're back, I had a bunch of my favorite blogs to catch up on. I ran across this link off of Merchant Ships, and I think its pretty interesting. I have a good southwest lentil soup recipe, and I have noticed the mild flavor and quick cooking of this particular dried bean. But I hadn't thought much beyond soup. This lady seems to be the Queen of the Lentil. Check it out. I dislike brown rice, but I could see making a pot of lentils and regular rice and seeing what comes of the various variations. I'll let you know if I try it. I could also see it being a good baby food for a certain little guy who likes his food mushy.

Now, I thought this "meatloaf" builder website was really funny. I put in lentils as my bean base, and everything else I made as much like normal meatloaf as possible. Even if you aren't trying to cook more cheaply, beans are just so darn healthy! I love the taste of meat as much as the next gal, but as I wean Seth, I'm going to have to be weaning myself from some of my current food indulgences. It's really easy for me to get a slight double chin, and I hate it. The Dr. Pepper is staying, though.

Anybody got any other good lentil or bean recipes?

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katie said...

no good bean recipes but I did try your quick and cheap beef and bean enchiladas - except I forgot to add the can of diced tomatoes. I was offended at first when hubby said they needed something....woops. Good enough that I'll try them again the right way:)