Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why didn't we quit long ago?

Last night, David and I decided to stop swaddling Seth. Yes, I know, many babies stop being swaddled long before this. But he just seemed to like it so much, and he would wake himself up when his arm got out, so we kept doing it. I just bought a larger Swaddle-Me when he outgrew the little one. But he's been getting out of it and waking him and us up in the middle of the night lately, so David thought it was time to try something else. He'd been the one getting up to re-wrap him while I snoozed. =)

Both of us were a little cranky about it, frankly. We figured, "If he's been waking himself up by working his hands up to his face in the middle of the night, what will happen when they're free to wave around?" We shuddered at the thought, and we girded up our loins for a long night. We started out the evening with the ultimate weapon: our incredibly loud dishwasher with a 2 hour cycle. Seth's cradle is in our tiny hallway, right across from the kitchen. We've noticed that running the dishwasher at bedtime puts him out like a light. So last night we ran a dishwasher with 6 dishes in it. =) Thank the Lord that our utilities are included. Somewhere, an environmentalist is crying.

But, lo and behold, the stupidity of new parents reared it's ugly head. Seth loved having his hands free. They did not wave wildly and wake him up. He slept like, well, a very good baby all night. He woke up to eat an hour later than he usually does, and he went back to sleep after that, despite the late hour. I heard him fuss a little bit, but then he went back to sleep until 8:00. I hypothesize that he may have sucked his fingers to help him go back to sleep this morning. And hear we were, all worried about it.

In other news, David found out that he won't be able to get an important test on his vocal cord done until July 13. They only do it every other Friday, and he couldn't go at the end of June because the clerks in his chambers are meeting with the Vice-President at the White House that day. He was down about it all day yesterday. It's hard on him not to have his voice, and that test would've been the next step for him to get a shot that should help him be able to speak normally. I'm praying that the point of this is that the Lord wants to heal him before then without any shots.

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