Sunday, June 24, 2007

Smiley boy...

Awww. He's finally getting past his fascination with the camera, and I'm now more able to take a smiling photo of him. We had a very busy weekend. We spent Saturday morning at Eastern Market at Capitol Hill, wandering around, looking at fresh produce that we didn't buy. We didn't buy anything because Seth and I are going up to Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit Amanda and Perry for a couple of days. I'll catch you up when we get home! Wish us safe, happy, car travels!

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Shannon said...

He DOES look like my boy...I think they have the same "baby chicken" hair, almost more like feathers! :) And they're almost exactly the same age...Ian was born January 27. Hopefully Ian will grow beyond his camera fascination soon so I can get smiling pics of him too...amazing how quickly the flash can turn a gummy grin into a "what is THAT" look!
I confess I've been "stalking" you by blog for a while this a totally harmless way of course! Thanks for the comment!