Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, David

Happy 1st Father's Day, honey! It's been a full weekend. David's lifelong friend, Tim, and his wonderful bride, Lauren, came to visit. They were the first visitors, besides family and Sarah, that have stayed with us since Seth has been born. We talked and talked and talked, and they got the Court tour. And I think Seth charmed them. He was such a good boy. Tim said, "This isn't good. I was hoping he'd be bad so that I would be fine with waiting a while longer to have kids." =) They stayed Friday night through this morning. We headed off to church, and had a really nice service. Then we went to Charles and Christine's house for Father's Day bbq. It was also Chuck's first Father's Day. After a long struggle, they are the proud parents of baby twins, Max and Rose. Seth is a giant in comparison to them. They were pretty premature, but they're really doing great now. We've been friends with the Neffs since law school. It's been so great to get to spend time with them since we've been back in D.C. They are some of the kindest, most hospitable people that I know.

Isn't Rose adorable? Max was snoozing inside, so I only got a picture of her. Such a cutie...

All in all, it was such a nice day. After we got home, we took a nice, long family nap together. And then we strolled down to Baja Fresh for dinner. David loves their sauce and salsa bar. He enjoyed eating so much hot stuff that his lips went numb. =) I'm glad that made a nice ending to his day.

David has been the father that I knew that he would be. He loves to spend time with Seth, and he's such a help to me with him. I don't know another man that is as good of husband and father as he is, especially on close inspection. This morning, he wanted to do everything to get Seth ready for church. He gave him his bath, and he picked out his outfit. It was fun to see him enjoying his first Father's Day so much.

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