Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finally...a good family portrait!

Finally! I have been trying to get a good family portrait of us for awhile. I try and pose us near a good background, I have someone take a ton of pictures, and somehow, lightning just hasn't struck. I don't get anything really good. Well, today, I was very proactive. I freshened up my make-up, brushed my hair, and I posed us. Charles took these photos. He did a great job! I'm so excited. I think these are worth framing, don't you? Family, you'll be getting copies of these for your fridge and wall. Let us know which you would prefer. Should I crop the top photo a little bit? I'm looking for opinions.

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Kiddies in the Sun said...

Personally I like the top one, the bottom one, Seth seems to be sliding out of the picture! But both are great! Good job!!!